Business Practice

Here to help you with issues that arise throughout the entire life of your business....

Business Practice

Indiana Business Lawyers | More Than 30 Years Helping Local Businesses

Shambaugh, Kast, Beck & Williams, LLP, has been helping local Northeast Indiana business owners and executives with their business law needs for more than 30 years. This long, rich history is a result of our commitment to getting the job done right, efficiently and ethically. This approach is not only self-gratifying for us as lawyers, but it is the only proper way to practice law.

Representation for the Life of Your Business

Our Fort Wayne business lawyers understand the various issues that business owners face. We can help you with issues that arise throughout the entire life of your business, from the very beginning to the end, including:

  • Entity choice: There are many options for your business, each of which may have different taxation consequences and benefits. We can help you determine, based on the needs, goals and resources of your business, whether your best choice would be a corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company ("LLC") or perhaps a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
  • Formation: We will help you with the process of forming the business entity, and the filing and paperwork involved. This can include any of a number of things, such as the development and implementation of a business plan and operational structure, acquiring trademark protection for your business's name, licensing, acquiring an employer identification numbers, and compliance with state and local business requirements.
  • Business disputes: As we do with all of our legal practice areas, we approach business disputes with a focus on ending conflicts efficiently and quickly as possible. First and foremost, we advise our clients on ways to avoid disputes. When disputes arise, we make every effort to help our clients resolve their business disputes through mediation or other form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to avoid the cost and time of litigation. We do have the experience and resources to litigate your dispute, however, if there is no other alternative.
  • Commercial transactions: We have experience with the complicated issues surrounding business acquisitions, mergers, sales and purchases.
  • Wind up: When your business has reached the end of its life span, we can help with the issues that arise regarding distribution of assets, creditor satisfaction and taxation.

It is impossible to maintain a level of success in the legal field for as long as we have without a commitment to exceptional service and long-term relationships with clients. Many of our business clients have been our clients for many years because we always look for the most cost-effective solutions to whatever problems come up, throughout the entire life span of their businesses. Clients of Shambaugh, Kast, Beck & Williams, LLP, put their trust in us, because we get the job done right.

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Our attorneys will help you with whatever problem or legal issues your business is facing. Contact us for an initial consultation with an experienced Indiana business law attorney from our firm.